Claudia Schenk


As an agile business coach I have been accompanying teams, organisations and individuals for many years in their individual change and improvement processes.

We live in an increasingly complex world, which is subject to constant change and in which many things are no longer as works as before. This challenges us to question past ways, to try different perspectives, to find new to find attitudes.

People in their diversity make the difference, what they make possible, how they work together, what they connect, how they promote their strengths and potentials, how they engage themselves again and again with their uniqueness to discover and open up new things while still unknown.

It is my passion to accompany people, teams and organisations in building on their strengths to develop their individual path, discovering their potential and, step by step and in a sustainable way, increasing their to activate what is available.

I offer workshops, consulting, individual and team coaching with a focus on solutions. Whether executive or private person, the people in their context are the focus of my work.