As a consultant and process designer, it is important to me to promote a culture of humanity and the development of potentials and qualities. Topics are value culture, creativity, regional identity and personal growth. I also initiate and moderate webinars that are important for our time and future, such as the “Electrical Ecosystem” (

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As Agile Business Coach I support teams, organizations and individuals in their unique processes of transformation and improvement since many years.

We live in an increasingly complex world that is subject to constant change. Things no longer work the way they used to. This challenges us to question previous ways, to try different perspectives, to find new attitudes.

People in their diversity make the difference – what they make possible, how they work together, what they connect to, how they develop their strengths and potentials – how they use their uniqueness to get involved with the unknown and discover and open up new opportunities.

It is my passion to accompany individuals, teams and organizations to find their own way, to discover their potentials
and to activate step by step more of what is available in a sustainable way.

I offer solution oriented workshops, consulting, individual and team coaching. Whether executive or private person, I
work with the human being in context and that being the center of my attention.

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Unfolding human potential through lectures, seminars and workshops on holistic health and stress management over the last 20 years with the mind set of holistic education needs holistic health.

Since 2002 state-certified alternative health practitioner, trainer and speaker. What has fascinated and inspired me about life since early childhood is that it has forces within it that are always trying to create a homeostasis, a balance of the different inner and outer forces which, when in flow, lead to a healthy life. Health is a holistic process of development dependent on various factors.

Hippocrates (ca. 460-370 B.C.) said “Medicus curat, natura sanat” – the doctor treats, nature heals. An essential principle of holistic therapies is to favourably influence the nature of the human being: This can be done by setting stimuli that trigger self-regulating processes in the human organism. In this way, the sick organism is activated to cooperate and its inner powers are promoted and strengthened. Naturopathic therapies therefore use stimulating therapeutic methods that activate the self-healing powers.

For 25 years I have been treating and inspiring people in different ways, among other things in my almost 20 years of practice with homeopathy and spinal and joint therapy according to Dorn Breuss. For the last 5 years I have been training therapists who help other people to find their inner homeostasis, their inner balance and thus their health.

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Natural Learning

As a kindergarten teacher with many years of experience, I am offering training for adults and educators in addition to projects for children. My specialty are projects (also via Zoom), in which the potential of each child is individually promoted.

In recent years, I have conducted projects in day-care centres and the Altenkirchen Jugendkunstschule, as well as at elementary schools such as the Verbundschule an der Sieg. Teachers and educators are ever so often surprised and impressed by what becomes possible through my holistic approach.

Not only does each child possess a unique fingerprint, they also learn in their own unique way. With an innate spirit of inquiry, they discover life and try to figure it out. In doing so, they learn not only with their brains, but with all their senses and systems. The more “players” are involved, the more the learned can penetrate them “throughout”. For many years I have used theatre and art projects to help children develop.

Our experiences create a fund of memories, they form psychologies, which make us either master new situations with confidence or throw in the towel with fear. They determine whether we develop compassionately or selfishly, and much more. Learning works in amazing ways when it is not the focus, but can rather happen incidentally – when you can find the next step yourself and in your own time, when curiosity is allowed to prevail over satiation, leaving room for the next impulse from within. Experiences of this kind imprint with ease, appreciation and a sense of well-being, and are also easily retrievable when needed.

Katrin Waldraff and Sven AP Modolvany

For more than 10 years we are coaching people, one on one or in team projects, who are not only interested in music but especially in working personal development aspects with their voice or an instr ument. Also, we write, arrange and produce instrumental and vocal music which we also perform in different contexts nationally and internationally.
To use music for liberating one´s creativity, experiencing one‘s own self diffferently, alone or together with others, causes happiness, inner strength and frees the whole person. If the surrounding is right for this and the space is void of judgement, each can find themselves, connect inwards, recharge and successfully learn and move on, for the benefit of both the professional and the family life.

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International Cooperation

David Gommé

David Gommé is an independent consultant, based in the Netherlands, operating globally. He works with individuals, senior leadership teams of multi-nationals and future-bound forums that seek to create meaningful breakthroughs in creativity, innovation, and behavioural sciences. David’s prime research lies in the causing realms and non-linear dimensions of the human potentiality; and the unprecedented window of opportunity to engage in discovery processes towards coming to grips with the purposes of human existence.

David experiences includes over two decades of facilitating culture-change processes and leadership transformation in the corporate worlds, with an increasing presence in Germany in recent years. Please visit his website: